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Property Tax Reduction Agreement – 45% Fee
Under the following Agreement, you pay only if you save. If there are no savings, there is no fee.

In consideration for property tax appeal services, you agree to pay Rainbolt & Company, LLC (hereinafter referred to as R&C) a contingency fee equal 45% of the Estimated Tax Savings for the protested tax year. For the purposes of determining fee, Estimated Tax Savings are calculated as follows:

Subtract your property’s final appraised value from its initial appraised value, then multiply the difference by your most recent property tax rate.

1. File “Notice of Protests” with the appraisal district.
2. Analyze the appraisal district’s assessments.
3. Develop appeal strategy based on facts pertaining to the case.
4. Negotiate valuations in pursuit of the lowest tax liability.
5. Provide written documentation of value reductions to property owner.

Terms, Conditions, & Limitations:
This Agreement shall begin upon signed acceptance by R&C and can be canceled at anytime by providing written notice sent via email to [email protected]. R&C will continue to protest your property taxes each year until this Agreement is canceled. You may add properties to this Agreement by providing a written list of accounts to R&C and referencing this engagement.

Should a property sell within the protested year, you agree to pay the invoice in its entirety. Invoices not paid within 30-days of the invoice date are considered delinquent and subject to interest charges at 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance plus collection costs, if any. R&C may withdraw from this Agreement without notice if payment becomes delinquent or if requested information is not provided timely.

R&C is hereby authorized to accept offers to settle or withdraw a protest if R&C determines the settlement and/or withdrawal to be in your best interest. You acknowledge that R&C does not make any representation or guarantee as to the outcome of any hearing, appeal, or arbitration. You agree that R&C shall not be liable for any claims, liabilities, or expenses for an amount exceeding the compensation received by R&C under this Agreement for the current year. Any action arising from this agreement shall be brought in Harris County, unless prohibited by law.

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