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When is the deadline to file a protest?

The deadline to protest property values for tax year 2022 is May 16, or 30 days after the appraisal district sends notice of the assessed value, whichever is later. The appraisal district is required to send notice if the assessed value is increased by more than $1,000 from the prior year's value. In most cases the deadline in Texas is May 15. If the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline is the following business day.

What is the difference between my market and appraised value?

Your Market Value represents what the appraisal district believes your property could be sold for on the open market as of January 1st of the tax year in question.

Appraised value is the actual amount that taxes are levied against to determine how much you pay in property taxes. In most cases, if you have a homestead exemption and your market value increased by more than 10%, the appraised value is a 10% increase from the prior year’s appraised value, unless there have been improvements to the property (i.e. remodeling, new pool). This increase will continue each year until the appraised value reaches the market value. The appraised value will only be changed if the market value is decreased beneath the appraised value.


What methods do you use to challenge my valuation?

Valuation methods include the Cost Approach, Comparable Sales Approach, and the Income Approach. The Cost Approach estimates value based on the typical cost of materials and labor necessary to build a structure of similar size and quality in that location while accounting for depreciation due to age and condition. The Sales Comparison Approach estimates value based upon the price, in the local market, necessary to acquire a property of similar location, quality, size, age, and condition. The Income Approach estimates value based upon typical market income of a similar property.

We also perform an Assessment Comparable Analysis on every property. The Assessment Comparable Analysis; sometimes referred to as Equity Analysis, compares your property's assessed value with the assessed values of similar properties. 

It's also important to check the appraisal district's records for accuracy. We often find errors such as inaccurate square footage figures or overstated condition and grade ratings.

You may have bids for repairs, photos, and other issues you would like addressed. You can easily upload documentation for us to use in your Client Portal.  We ensure all any and all relevant information you provide is presented at your hearing. 


Can protesting my value actually increase my taxes?

No! There is absolutely no risk in having your taxes increase by protesting your property valuation.

Should I hire you or should I do it myself?

The reasons for hiring an agent are the same reason you hire an accountant or attorney; you have a full-time professional with the tools and and knowledge of the property tax system.

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